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A unique story of ninety-nine year old twin brothers who died on the same dayNews JANI

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A unique story of ninety-nine year old twin brothers who died on the same day

The 99-year-old twin brothers died on the same day in the German state of Lower Saxony. Both were of exactly the same size and till the end of life it was impossible to separate them from each other.

A unique story of ninety-nine year old twin brothers who died on the same day
A unique story of ninety-nine year old twin brothers who died on the same day
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According to the German newspaper Neue Osnabrück, the twin brothers died on 24 April. The news of his death was published in the media with reference to his two daughters and the person who arranged his funeral. German newspapers often report the deaths of people whose lives and personalities have been extraordinary. One of the twins was named Frederick and the other was Liver. Oliver Harstock, the person who arranged their funeral, told the newspaper: “I have had many experiences in my life, but this was something else. When the relatives of these twin brothers called me to announce their death and they told me What I said gave me goosebumps.” Leaving this world feels unbelievable. Shortly before these brothers died, their wives also died. “These women called their husbands,” said Oliver Harstock .

twin brothers background

The twins were seen at a “family roast” on March 17, 1923, in the town of Schuurturf, southeast of Lower Saxony. Adina Rost, the daughter of one of the brothers, told the New Usenbrück newspaper of her father, her twin brother, and their wives: “These four are so close and so close to each other. They are called clover or four-leaf clover. It was called. Within, the four left it. The world and the next world went on,” Adina said. Her other sister, Hina Rost, said of her parents, “like a card game, of any of them Nobody had any control.”

Both the men have always been together since childhood. Both brothers were born 10 minutes back and forth. So they could not celebrate their 21st birthday together. Frederick was born ten minutes before his brother Livre. That is, there was a difference of ten minutes in the age of the twin brothers. It was ten minutes short and long. Liver, who was ten minutes younger than his twin brother, was injured during World War II and was hospitalized. The couple’s last birthday, which was their 99th birthday, could not be celebrated together due to ill health.

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The brothers’ daughters told the New Osnabr اخبارck newspaper that they did not remember that their father had ever had a fight. They trusted each other blindly and remained close to each other till death. When Levert fell in love with a girl and his girlfriend wanted to reunite him with her family, Levert suddenly fell ill. Her brother Frederick came forward and wanted to take on the role of Levert. Lever’s girlfriend at that time said, “He is not my fiancé, but he looks exactly like him.”

Even when they were old or older, the two brothers always worked with each other and always wore the same clothes whenever there was a family function. Used to order the same food in the restaurant. Frederick Rost’s older brother died on Sunday. On the same day, Adina, daughter of younger brother Livert, who was admitted to the ICU in the Intensive Care Unit for paralyzed patients, went to see her father and told him that her twin brother, Frederick, had passed away. Adina said to her father, “Now you are left to light this last lamp.” Liver heard those words and closed his eyes forever.” It was extinguished when they both came into the world on the same day.

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