March 23, 2023

ASX board member Ken Henry exits after nine years


Former Treasury Secretary Ken Henry has left the ASX board after almost a decade in the role.

Dr Ken Henry (Photo: AAP/Eric Anderson)

After nine years on the ASX board, former Treasury Secretary Ken Henry bowed out yesterday with a final public company annual general meeting (AGM) showing he has yet to learn the humility he has learned. Kenneth Hayne’s presentation to the Banking Royal Commission.

I tabled 14 written questions during the 135-minute ASX AGM, and the last question was put to Henry, about the massive loss of time and money for the group’s $216 million alternative IT platform CHESS settlement system. Ask their thoughts about

After chairman Damien Roche made some comments, he sent a call to Henry whose keen insight said: “My personal impressions are very similar to yours, Mr. Chair, and I have nothing more to add.”

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