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Caravan tourism : Stay in a caravan in distant tourist areas.. a new experience for tourists..News JANI

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On the side Karnataka is one of the special tourist destinations. Wildlife here natural beauty, Tourists also come from foreign countries to see the mountainous regions. Now, to attract more tourists, the Karnataka tourism department is taking steps to increase accommodation even in remote and remote areas. Preparing for the introduction of caravan culture.
* Cooking and overnight stay in caravan
Soon there will be an opportunity to cook in a caravan and stay overnight at popular tourist spots in Karnataka. The Karnataka Tourism Department plans to set up caravan parks at popular tourist spots. Caravans are purpose-built vehicles for travel, recreation and accommodation. Recently, the Karnataka Tourism Department has invited various organizations to express interest in developing caravan parks at major eco, adventure, wildlife and pilgrimage destinations in Karnataka.

* Creation of caravan parks
Caravans include recreational vehicles (RVs), campers, and motorhomes. There are usually seats, tables, places to sleep, cooking facilities, etc. A caravan park is where vehicles are parked overnight in designated areas. At least five parking centers are likely to be developed on at least half an acre (21,800 sq ft) of land. The density in this area should not exceed 60 vans per hectare. According to the Karnataka Tourism Policy 2020-26, caravan tourism is one of the key areas to be developed and promoted, officials said.
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* In distant areas like this..
In this regard, department officials said that some organizations are setting up caravans in a sustainable, environment-friendly manner. Officials said they will be designed to provide all types of facilities. He said that these companies will also take care of the management and all facilities will be available to the tourists. He said there is a growing demand for eco, adventure, wildlife and pilgrimage tourism. It is believed that activities such as visiting and staying in remote areas, forests etc. are increased by the convenience of caravans.
* Main attraction for all communities
The concerned official said that in some cases, permanent structures are not allowed in tourist spots, especially in remote areas. Many such places are already short of accommodation and caravan tourism can effectively meet the growing demand, he said. At the same time, quality, standards and safety norms will be followed, he said. It is explained that it will attract tourists from all walks of life, including youth, families, senior citizens and foreigners.

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