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Confusion at Gokul meeting in Kolhapur, clash between ruling and opposition, parallel meeting started by Shoumika Mahadik | Kolhapur gokul dudh sangh agm Satej Patil Shoumika Mahadik sgy 87 News JANI

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In Kolhapur, the 60th Annual General Meeting of Gokul is in a frenzy. Clashes have started between the ruling party and the opposition. As there was no place to sit and satisfactory answers were not being given, Shoumika Mahadik walked out of the meeting and started a parallel meeting. On this occasion, he appealed to the plain milk producers not to cheat and accused the rulers of not keeping their promises. Meanwhile, after the meeting, the three MLAs Satej Patil, Hasan Mushrif, Rituraj Patil were taken to the platform by the shoulders of the members.

Gokul president Vishwas Patil’s presidential speech was interrupted by the opposition. When the opposition started raising slogans, it was retaliated by the ruling faction. Due to this, President Patil’s speech on the one hand and announcement-counter-announcement on the other hand caused confusion in the venue.

Kolhapur Gokul Dudh Sangh Sabha: “The brand Gokul will be tarnished…”; Confusion in the assembly even after the appeal by the ruling party

Gokul leader MLA Satej Patil, MLA Hasan Mushrif, MLA Rituraj Patil were sitting with the members. As it was the first time that Gokul leaders left the forum and sat down, it was discussed. Meanwhile, the opposition left the venue raising slogans alleging that no satisfactory answers were being given. After this, Shoumika Mahadik started a parallel meeting.

Shoumik Mahadik’s allegations

Speaking to the media, Shoumika Mahadik said that “common opponents like us do not understand official language. The director was asked to give answers in simple words. Even when political questions are not asked, it is difficult to answer them. They are finding it difficult to look into our eyes. While reading the report, while answering the questions, the eyes are not raised. The milk maker is very simple, don’t try to wrap it. The Chairman should accept that the answer cannot be given”.

At this time, he criticized that the ruling party is trying to cover up the wrong decision and not a single question has been answered satisfactorily. He also demanded that the executive director disclose how many tankers he has installed.