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‘Curse of Tamil Society’ ‘Even for my Colonies’-PDR Vs Annamalai Twitter War! News JANI

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‘Curse of Tamil Society’ ‘Even for my Colonies’-PDR Vs Annamalai Twitter War!

Finance Minister B.T.R. said BJP state president Annamalai and others are curse of Tamil community. Palanivel Thiagarajan has criticized indirectly.

In this regard, he has posted on Twitter that he does not even want to mention the name of the goat (Simple). A person who engages in vile activities such as seeking publicity with the body of a martyr, arranging to throw a colony on a car with the national flag, spreading slander, and telling blatant lies is a curse on the Tamil community, he said. He said that curse is also on BJP. Under this post, the minister had also attached some newspaper pictures related to Annamalai.

BJP state president Annamalai has also given a response on Twitter. He questioned the minister as to what other useful things he has done other than being born in a great family. Annamalai also mentioned that those who live only with the initials of their forefathers cannot accept growing up as a farmer’s son. Annamalai has very brazenly mentioned that those who are cursed to politics and the state are no match even for my colonies.

what happened?

On the 13th in Madurai, when the matter of throwing a shoe at Finance Minister Palanivel Thiagarajan’s car at the Madurai airport, BJP state president Annamalai and Madurai suburban district president Suchinthran spoke on the phone, an audio has surfaced on social media and created controversy.

BJP District Cybercrime Office Madurai City Police Commissioner Office Madurai City Police Commissioner Office Madurai District Cyber ​​Crime Office demanding action against Dr. Saravanan and his supporters as well as against those who spread this audio recording on social media saying that they have published the audio recording of Annamalai and Maha Suseendran by mimicking it and bringing it into disrepute. Party executives including President Suchindran have filed a complaint.

And in this petition given by District President Suchindran, “Dr. Saravanan called Annamalai’s assistant on the phone and spoke to Annamalai while I and state president Annamalai were traveling in the same car. At that time, the finance minister said that he would refuse permission to pay tribute, BJP leader Annamalai said to Dr. Saravanan that he would take the true nature of finance minister Palanivel Thiagarajan to the people and show him a false label and do another level of politics. Following this, BJP leader Annamalai and I paid tributes to the soldier at the airport and sent him to Sivaganga. So we know nothing about the incident. I have not spoken to Annamalai anywhere on the phone. Dr. Saravanan and his supporters are spreading the said conversation on social media by cutting editing and memes to spread slander and create confusion and riot among the people. BJP State Assistant President, Dr. Saravanan, and my cell phone numbers should be thoroughly investigated and legal action should be taken against Dr. Saravanan and his supporters,’ he said in the petition.