March 23, 2023

Due to the delay in the formation of governing bodies, DU teachers sat on hunger strike.


New Delhi: Several Delhi University teachers are on a 12-hour hunger strike over the delay in the formation of governing bodies in 28 colleges funded by the Arvind Kejriwal government.

The strike called by the AAP teachers wing – Academics for Action and Development Delhi Teachers Association (AADTA) began at 7 am at the Arts Faculty.

He also demanded induction of ad-hoc and temporary teachers working in various colleges of Delhi University.

Several members of the University’s Executive Council, Academic Council and Finance Committee participated in the strike. AADTA said in a statement that some former members and chairpersons of Governing Bodies (GB) were also part of the demonstration.

It said, “The massive participation reflects the anger of the teaching community over the way the university administration has politicized the formation of GB in these colleges and the recruitment process in a narrowly partisan manner”.

Last month, the Delhi government had sent its list of nominees for constituting the governing bodies to the university and the list was not brought up for approval during the executive council meeting on February 3, the statement said.

When executive council members Seema Das and RS Pawar raised the issue in the meeting, DU vice-chancellor Yogesh Singh said there were some technical issues, AADTA claimed.

“In mid-February, the university administration arbitrarily sent three GB nominees to Indian colleges, in violation of University Act 30(1) and EC Resolution 51 (2012). When the university administration The policy continues with massive displacement of 70 per cent ad hoc and temporary teachers, so it is making all efforts to avoid accountability to the elected government,” AADTA said in the statement.

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