March 23, 2023

1 in 2 Indian women now consider gaming as a career option.


New Delhi: As gaming moves into the mainstream, 56 percent of female gamers now consider gaming as a full-time or part-time career option, a study said Thursday.

Female gamers are eyeing a career in gaming, turning their hobby into a profession (50 percent) and offering good earning potential (45 percent).

According to the second edition of the ‘HP India Gaming Landscape Study 2022’, while being a gamer remains the top priority, other options such as becoming an influencer or a gaming software developer are also of interest.

Gaming is also considered a source of entertainment and relaxation (92 percent), mental agility (58 percent) and socialization (52 percent).

PCs remained the most preferred device for gaming as 68 percent of gamers voted for the PC, as it offers a better processor, design and graphics along with an immersive display.

“The PC gaming landscape in India offers a tremendous opportunity for the youth and we, at HP, are committed to helping gamers on their journey by providing knowledge, tools, and upskilling opportunities and the OMEN community. through initiatives to help them become better at their game,” said Vikram Bedi, Senior Director, Personal Systems, HP India Market.

The benefits of PC gaming are also driving mobile gamers to make the switch as 39 percent of mobile gamers want to migrate to PC for gaming.

According to the study, only 2 percent of respondents have received formal gaming training. While most gamers rely on personal skill enhancements to improve their gaming performance, 32 percent follow a gaming star to enhance their skills.

“The strong preference for PC gaming represents a huge business opportunity for us. We remain focused on engineering the best experiences based on user insights to enable a comprehensive and innovative gaming ecosystem in India,” Bedi said.

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