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Is the cell phone working? Shocking twist five months after husband’s death – News18 TeluguNews JANI

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Extramarital affair: The number of murders due to extramarital affair is on the rise in Andhra Pradesh. Most of the recent murders are due to illicit relationships. Even after living happily with her husband for some time, it is worrying that women with children also commit such atrocities. Falling in love with a stranger.. tear down the green gates.. destroy the lives of hundreds of years. But recently, many married women have extramarital affairs and kill their husbands. But even though they act like they don’t know what will happen next, the truth can’t be hidden for long, so they are caught by the police. Children are orphaned because of them. Recently such an incident took place in Vizianagaram district. But after five months, the sensational case came to light because of the husband’s mobile phone. Local.. According to the data given by the police. Kumbira Raju of Gumalakshmipuram village in Vizianagaram district married Sujatha of Hiramandalam Mayor Panchayat 17 years ago. After that, they were happy for a long time. They have two daughters. After marriage, they lived in the village of Chinnakolivalasa. But five years ago, both the husbands went to Hyderabad for work after leaving them with their relatives for their children’s education.

But what is the real..? Sujata had an extramarital affair with Guralla Ramu of Padali village since she was in Chinnakolivalasa village. Later, even though she was in Hyderabad, she often spoke to Ramu on the phone. Husband Raju, who knew about this, often quarreled with his wife Sujata. She tells her boyfriend about the constant fights at home. They both made a plan to end husband Raju who is interfering with the extramarital affair. Read this: Sensational decision by CM Jagan.. Sajjala Clarity on the post of permanent president Meanwhile, Raju left Sujata in Hyderabad and came to his hometown on April 4 this year. She immediately told her friend Ram that this was the right time to kill the king and encouraged him to kill her husband. As she said.. Raju plans to kill. The driver of the car K. Nukaraju of Dhanukuvada village of LNPeta Mandal has accepted help. From the beginning there is contact between Raju, Ramu and Nukaraju. Raju was driven to the banks of the Vamsdhara river near the Tehsildar office on April 6 to have a party. Read this: Is it the same..? Is this the reason for this change? At the time, the photos went viral, and he was drunk. After getting drunk, he tied the rope with which he set the car on fire around his neck and killed him. But the corpse was dumped in the nearby ditches. Sujata advises Ram that if he tells this to Sujata, Ram’s girlfriend, over the phone, the dead body will be found and shot. So on the night of April 7, they took the dead body to the old village of LNPeta mandal Peddakollivalasa, doused it in petrol and burnt it. A few days later, passing shepherds saw the charred bones and informed the police. A case has been registered as an unidentified dead body at Sarubuzili police station. Read this: Junior NTR clears the line for Chandrababu Naidu.. Will the reverse game begin…? The locals told Sujata that the king was nowhere to be seen. To avoid suspicion, she came from Hyderabad and filed a complaint at the Hiramandalam police station on April 22 that her husband was missing. Police have been investigating ever since. But she removed the SIM card from her husband’s mobile phone and Sujata used the phone. Although the SIM card was removed from the mobile phone, the police investigated on the basis of the EMI number and concluded that Sujathan was using the phone. Also Read: Want A Fancy Number..? Starting from 5 thousand.. But this number identifies the accused based on data of 2 lakh calls. Thinking that they too would be discovered, the accused surrendered to VRO Seshagiri Rao. He handed over all three to the local police station. CI Venugopal said a case was registered against Nukaraju as A-1, Ramu as A-2 and Sujatha as A-3.

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