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Koffee With Karan: Karthik’s phone call from Karan’s set, what did Kejo say after hearing his voice? Some celebrities showed courage! | Which celeb called kartik aaryan in front of karan johar News JANI

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Kartik Aaryan: After Love Aaj Kal 2, one film after another came in hand. After the release of Bhool Bholaiyya 2, it became popular with the audience.

Karan Johar

Karan Johar likes to be clear about his decisions right from the start. He states what is right in his eyes in front of everyone, he does not hesitate to make clear comments about what he does not like. As a result, it is not a new information to the audience or movie fans, that what kind of relationship she and Kartik Aaryan have gone through in the last one year. Kartik Aaryan has been very careful about his image since the beginning. He has been praised ever since he started his career. But from there, it is not like every director had positive thoughts about Kartik Aryan. It is not known to anyone how exactly Karthik Aaryan once became a celebrity in Cinepara.

Karan Johar himself had commented on Karthik Aryan that he would never work with him. Rumors are created around Dostana 2 movie. Dharma Productions decided to remove Karthik from the film due to a sudden tiff with Karam. Since then, everyone has told one by one that they will not work with Karthik. By then Love Aaj Kal 2 episode is over. He is in the news around the picture. After that, Karthik’s career took a complete turn. After the Love Aaj Kal 2 movie, one after another movie came in hand. After the release of Bhool Bholaiyya 2, it became popular with the audience.

But Karan’s pride in the mercury is melting! The answer is probably yes. The picture was recently on Koffee with Karan. There is a round in Karan’s show, where any celeb has to call, and he will pick up the phone and say – Hey Karan, it’s me (Hello Karan, I’m talking). In this episode, three celebrities called Karthik Aryan.

But Karan did not cancel that phone call from the shoot. He speaks in reverse. The list included Kriti Sanon, Ananya Pandey and Varun Dhawan. Karthik Aaryan picked up the phone of all three. And he also spoke with Karan on the show. He said that he was promoting 2 films by mistake. That source is busy. Karan himself told Kartik Aryan three times that he should come on the show. Because he has already lost three or three phones. As a result, it can be said that Karan’s anger towards Karthik is decreasing. The relationship with Ruhbaba is returning to the rhythm.