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Kolhapur: The tradition of commotion in the annual meeting of ‘Gokul’ continues; Abstention of the opposition Confusion at Kolhapur Gokul annual meeting News JANI

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Although Gokul Dudh passed away in the Sangh, the tradition of debate in the annual general meeting continued. In the meeting held on Monday, there was a big sloganeering between the ruling and opposition factions. In this jugalbandi, the work of the meeting started for about half an hour. The opposition group left the venue alleging that they were not giving satisfactory answers. After that, the work of the meeting was conducted smoothly.

Gokul’s annual meeting has been buzzing for the past fortnight. This creates a tense atmosphere even before the meeting today. Opposition leader Shoumika Mahadik was accompanied by some members. He started demanding that they should give detailed answers to the questions raised from the beginning. So let’s run the meeting full time; The ruling group replied that it will not be wrapped like you. Executive Director Yogesh Godbole read the topic. While answering the written question, Vishwas Patil, president of the team, reviewed the performance of Gokul during the year. “Development and expansion of Gokul. Interest of milk constituents is the formula of our work,” he lashed out at the opposition.

Confusion in the meeting
Mahadik alleged that loopholes were being taken without answering the questions. Due to this, sloganeering started between the ruling and opposition factions, causing chaos in the meeting. The work of the meeting continued for an hour in an environment where President Patil’s speech was on the one hand and the slogans of the opposition were on the other. Mahadik left the venue alleging that no satisfactory answers were being given. They came out and held a parallel meeting and they criticized the ruling group.

Among the leaders members
Earlier, during Gokul’s meeting, the leaders used to attend the meeting platform and handle the agenda of the meeting. At this time Satej Patil, Hasan Mushrif, Rituraj Patil were sitting among the three leaders. Earlier, meetings were wrapped up within minutes. This time it lasted for more than half an hour. He also expressed the expectation that the qualitative difference between leadership and meeting should be realized.

MP Mahadik absent
MP Dhananjay Mahadik had strongly criticized the affairs of Gokul Dudh Sangh. He also said that he will attend the meeting and ask for an answer. Actually Dhananjay Mahadik, former MLA Amal Mahadik both boycotted the meeting and the edge of opposition was reduced. Former Zilla Parishad President Shoumika Mahadik, Satyajit Kadam played the role of aggressive opponent.