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Sneaker News: Why Sneaker Collector Jason Vincent Piperno Scored Rare Kicks, ‘One To Stock And One To Rock’ News Jani

Sneaker News: Why Sneaker Collector Jason Vincent Piperno Scored Rare Kicks, ‘One To Stock And One To Rock’


Jason Vincent Piperno is probably lucky that his fiancee shares his devotion to the shoe.

That’s because the 32-year-old has spent thousands of dollars on his 250 pairs. Melbourne Apartment
And it seems he’s not the only one happy to invest in a new pair of Kicks, with the global sneaker market set to be worth $150 million by 2025. Statista..
Jason Vincent Piperno and fiancee, Stephanie Vanaseth, who share their love of sneakers.
Jason Vincent Piperno and fiancee, Stephanie Vanaseth, who share their love of sneakers. (Instagram)

That’s an increase of $47 million from 2020 when it was valued at $103 million.

Paperno’s obsession began when he was a child in the 90s watching basketball star Michael Jordan, who has become as famous for his kicks as his athleticism.

The six-time NBA champion hasn’t played professional basketball in decades, yet his iconic Air Jordan range of shoes are highly sought-after, with some costing more than $100,000.

Piperno, who sold the shoes to increase their value, is partly responsible for the increase in interest in the shoes. last dance, A documentary about Jordan’s meteoric rise, which also discusses his style and the launch of his highly-rewarding Nike contract.

Jason Vincent Piperno is a shoe collection.
Jason Vincent Pepperano has spent a small fortune on his 150-strong sneaker collection. (supplied)

“I was into watching sports but I never played basketball, it was more about fashion,” Piperno told 9news.com.au.

His first pair of shoes were the Nike Air Jordan 5 Metallics which he bought at the age of 18.

When he was 20, he would stand in line overnight to sell the latest shoes.

But Jordan isn’t the only contributor to the sneaker’s popularity.

The acceptance of casual wear came with the COVID-19 lockdown, while rappers and hip-hop artists also showcased premium sneaker brands.

“Streetwear in general is more popular than ever,” said the Melbourne man.

To sell or not to sell? This is a collector’s question.

Some sneaker releases are so popular that fans even have the opportunity to purchase them in person, or more recently online.

Piperno “won” the chance to pick up a coveted $350 pair of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 in Solar Red designed by rapper Kanye West.

Nike Air Yeezy Red October Shoes.
The Nike Air Yeezy Red October sneaker costs up to $60,000. (AP)

Piperno then sold them to another fan for $3,000.

That price seems steep, but if he’d hung on to them longer, he could have tripled.

“Right now they cost about $10,000 … that’s life,” he said.

The priciest kicks in her closet are the $3000 Air Jordan 1 x Off-Whites, a collaboration the brand made with the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh.

He wears most of his shoes, but some of the more unusual purchases “just sit there because they’re so good”.

Jason Vincent Piperno is a shoe collection.
The Air Jordan 1 Retro x Off Whites is priced at $3000 and has the most expensive sneakers at the moment. (supplied)

“I wear most of them, probably about 75 percent,” he said.

Piperno is a DJ, but shoes play a major role in his main gig as a content creator for fashion brands.

The avid collector is currently hunting for additions up to $9000. A pair of Nike x Louis Vuitton Air Force 1s.

But sneakerheads should be wary of fakes.

Some online shops offer authentication, while guides found on the Internet can also help enthusiasts identify knockoffs.

A limited number of shoe fans run.

Melbourne brothers Nate and Alex Orton run a streetwear label and self-proclaimed footwear connoisseurs.

He said that those who wear their precious kicks sprinkle more than once for pleasure.K

“A lot of people buy things in doubles,” Alex said.

“They’ll buy a pair for stock and they’ll buy a pair for rock.”

Brands, such as Nike, are appealing to sneaker collectors because they release culturally significant limited editions, which are “big draw cards,” he said.

“You’re buying a moment in time,” Nate said

The Air Jordan 1 Chicago was first released in 1985 and pairs have reportedly sold for over $100,000.

There’s a reissue for fans, designed to give the Chicago Bulls’ familiar red, white and black colorway an “old look.”

Even the shoe box has been “weathered” for historical value.

Although Michael Jordan hasn't played the game of basketball in years, some of the Nike Air Jordan kicks are among the most sought after.
Michael Jordan hasn’t played professionally for decades but is still the most sought after Nike Air Jordan kicks. (AP)

For most people, a pair of new shoes starts at around $100, but collectors know that examples can fetch 10 times that much on the resale market.

How much do the most wanted shoes sell for?

  1. Jordan 1 OG Chicago (1985): $135k
  2. Nike SB Dunk Low Paris: $70k
  3. Adidas x Feral x Chanel Human Race Trail: $65k
  4. Nike Air Yeezy Red October: $60k
  5. Nike Air Force 1 ComplexCon: $55k
Sneaker and Streetwear Convention, Snickerlandcontinues today at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.
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