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Ongoing bin collectors’ strike causes garbage dumps in Scottish capital – Latest News – The NationNews JANI

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The stately Scottish capital Edinburgh is seeing its streets littered with garbage as the ongoing bin collection strike reaches its 10th day.

The strike, which coincided with the final days of the city’s famous Fringe Festival, has put an additional burden on the city as the Firth of Firth is littered with dustbins in almost every corner of the city.

The industrial action comes as council workers are feeling pressure and demanding wage increases amid Britain’s worst inflation in the past 40 years and skyrocketing energy bills.

Negotiations between the unions and the local council have resulted in no agreement as workers have turned down various proposals.

Activists in some other major Scottish cities, including Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen, have joined the strike amid the ongoing bin strike in Edinburgh.

people ‘hate’

Justin, a resident of the city, said everyone “hated” the garbage dump during the annual festival, which is usually a top tourist attraction.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, she also said that people are “just going ahead with it and trying to make the festival a success.”

Since the festival is ending on Monday, Aug. The strike on October 29 will end the next day as well, but if no agreement is reached, there may be a fresh strike in the capital next week.

small business suffers

At least one business owner said the strike is affecting small businesses in the city.

“It’s been very disappointing during this month, tourists are here too – especially not representing the city,” Ed, a small business owner, told Anadolu Agency.

“But I would also say that … there’s a lot to be said for trade unions going on strike and, you know, demanding wages that they should probably be paid.”

Noting the effect of the strike on the senses, he said: “There is a certain smell in the street, apparently because of it. There are a lot of small independent businesses and this is where it is affected the most because there is more use of cans.”

Sebastian, another business owner, was concerned that the condition could pose a health hazard.

“I mean, it’s hot. There are rats. One city is built on top of another. There are probably thousands of rats beneath us, you know. They say you’re 10 feet away from rats at any given time and everywhere.” Stop throwing garbage, what would you expect?”