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Sreelekha Mitra slams Sudipa Chatterjee on Delivery Boy controversy row: ‘Sudipa is arrogant, rude woman’ Sreelekha’s extreme sarcasm News JANI

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Zee Bangla’s ‘Kitchen’ Kartri Benfas has been subjected to controversy and criticism several times. A couple of days ago. Made a comment to the delivery boys. Sudeepa Chattopadhyay’s question, “Can’t the delivery boys reach the destination without calling? .. Am I the doorman who will open the gate?”

No matter what the actress-director says, such comments about the people who eat food have not been digested at all by the net world. After that there is no end to the controversy on the netpara. This time Srilekha Mitra took Sudeepa with one hand in that context.

Srilekha is quite active on social media. Outspoken! So Sudeepa Chatterjee’s comments about delivery boys did not escape his notice. Like the five Netagriks, Srilekha also did not speak. Not only did he oppose Sudeepa’s comment, but he did not refrain from mocking her as rude and arrogant.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘শাকিবের ৩০ লক্ষ হাতিয়েছেন জয়জিৎ-ঘনিষ্ঠ’! বোমা ফাটালেন টলি-প্রযোজক রানা সরকার]

Posting a screenshot of a Facebook post written by Sudeepa Chattopadhyay, Srilekha Mitra commented, ‘This woman is arrogant, rude.’ In such a post of the actress, many have raised personal anger towards the ‘kitchen’ chef. On the other hand Srilekha said that Sudeepa has done many things with him. Not only that, but also accused the actress-director of serious casteism.

[আরও পড়ুন: বুম্বার ‘কাছের মানুষ’ হয়ে উঠলেন অমিতাভ! বিগ বি-র কীর্তিতে মুগ্ধ প্রসেনজিৎ]

Srilekha said, “A woman was booked for a parlor treatment from a reputed company. But hearing the name Shabnam, Sudeepa Chatterjee canceled that booking.” However, the authenticity of such comments could not be verified. However, the net world is now abuzz with the ‘kitchen’ chef. Needless to say.

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