March 23, 2023

Minus one formula means minus people and democracy formula: Arif Chaudhry


Islamabad: Legal expert Hafiz Ehsan Khokhar participated in the program “Sachi Baat” along with SK Niazi. He said that the rule of law is not visible in the country, the mafia is strong in the country, people are losing confidence in the system, the corruption index in the country is also continuously increasing. Even today the British criminal system is active in the country. There are more than 78 cases registered against a former prime minister, our elders should come together to improve the country’s system.

Similarly, lawyer Arif Chaudhry participated in the program “Sachi Baat” along with SK Niazi. He said that the first responsibility of the government is to keep the justice system correct. The most alarming case is that of Tosha Khana and foreign funding. The system is being held hostage by some people, and they are taking advantage of it. At present there is no such thing as rule of law in Pakistan. The election is not visible. Is there no right to hold an election rally after the announcement of the election? The minus one formula means minus the people and the democracy formula. Minus and plus in democracy is for the people to do, Imran Khan should also develop courage in himself. Pakistan cannot run together without elections.

Meanwhile, economist Dr. Salman Shah participated in the program “Sachi Baat”. He said that the agreements that should have been done two weeks ago have not been done yet. Communication with our friendly countries is not visible. The government wasted a year. Political instability must end. A spectacle is going on in the country, which is dangerous for Pakistan, the economic crisis will reach such a level that recovery will not be possible. No efforts are being made to save the country’s economy from destruction. Supreme Court has ordered to hold elections in 90 days. There is no authority greater than the Supreme Court in Pakistan. If you do not go to the election, there will be no agreement with the IMF. Not going to the election will further damage the economy. The agreement with the IMF is very important for the improvement of the economy. Electricity theft must be eliminated. Steps need to be taken to improve the economy. The FBR system will have to be changed. Everything in the country is being imported. There is no export.

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