BMLL chooses Inqdata to provide kdb+ users with historical market data

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By David Brooks

BMLL, the leading, independent provider of harmonized, level 3, 2 and 1 historical data and analysis for global equity, ETFs and futures markets, today announced a partnership with INQDATA to give financial market participants access to the most complete and accurate historical market data within your kdb+ environment.

This joint offering will improve performance and reduce infrastructure ownership costs for market participants by eliminating the need to deploy additional data science infrastructure and resources.

BMLL data captures and displays complete order book data at levels 3, 2 and 1 granularity in a harmonized format that is consistent across over 100 global equities, ETFs and futures trading venues. BMLL data is used by banks, brokers, asset managers, hedge funds, global exchange groups and academic institutions to derive predictive insights and understand how markets actually behave.

INQDATA is a cloud-based data solutions provider committed to simplifying the collection, processing, storage, infrastructure management and access of analysis-ready market data for any financial market use case at the lowest cost. Its powerful environment, based on the world’s fastest time series database kdb+, provides financial institutions with the fastest access to clean, real-time and historical data sets on demand.

By combining BMLL datasets with INQDATA technology, users, including data scientists and application developers, can easily access and quickly explore detailed historical market data and analysis derived from Level 3 data. They can gain insights faster and better understand trading behavior, allowing them to optimize trading strategies and test new markets at unprecedented speed. In addition, they gain a deeper understanding of execution costs and increase the development speed and effectiveness of their quantitative models.

The partnership will combine BMLL’s data collection, cleansing, curation and analysis generation with INQDATA’s data collection, storage, management and distribution capabilities to provide market participants with access to complete, reliable historical market data in their environment, without any technical requirements for reformatting.

Users can leverage BMLL and INQDATA’s combined, scalable cloud architecture on demand to conduct extensive quantitative and market microstructure analysis.

Paul Humphrey, CEO of BMLL, said: “The level of complexity in capital markets is constantly increasing and with it the demand for high-quality data to understand market behavior and maintain a competitive advantage.” This partnership is about our data to make it available where our customers want it and in the format they want.

Our collaboration with INQDATA is another step in our mission to democratize access to data and analytics at scale. Market participants can now gain insights by accessing the full BMLL API library and quantitative analysis tools in their environment. You no longer need to spend valuable time, budget, and resources on data development and infrastructure. Instead, they can focus on conducting large-scale quantitative and market microstructure analysis to improve trading results.”

Theodore Voegt, CEO of INQDATA, added: “We are very pleased about our collaboration with BMLL. Our combined services provide market participants with the tools necessary to access high-quality historical market data and analysis, as well as data management and distribution to improve decision-making and unlock new opportunities for customers. Users can gain insights and pursue opportunities without deploying additional infrastructure and resources, accelerating return on investment and reducing total cost of ownership.”

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