Crypto’s quantum leap: 3 tokens hack their way to the top

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By David Brooks

As a sub-asset class, crypto tokens are an exciting yet challenging area of ​​the alternative investment ecosystem.

For those who don’t know, crypto tokens are not just another form of cryptocurrency. They represent a unique investment opportunity and act as initial coin offerings that mirror the structure of publicly traded stocks. Although traded like cryptocurrencies, what sets these tokens apart is that they are backed by concrete economic projects. However, it is important to note that despite their innovative nature, inadequate issuer due diligence continues to be a problem and leads to fraud.

Considering the above points, I decided to analyze some credible crypto tokens. Based on my robust criteria, I found three promising crypto tokens that willing and able investors would likely benefit from.

Without further ado, here are three crypto tokens that are expected to reach new heights.


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BRIKN is intended to give investors access to a high-quality real estate portfolio. Additionally, the coin places an emphasis on smart contracts linked to the transaction process, which I believe can iron out opportunities and financial costs.

Although BRIKN is not backed by the latest concepts, its incremental value creation speaks volumes. Why should I say that? Well, the real estate business is a high margin game. Therefore, any indication of cost savings and optimized processes benefits investors.

According to its website, BRIKN completed its public sale on April 2nd. However, the pot’s commercialization timeline has yet to be announced. The team aims to build a property portfolio worth over £50 million (approximately $63 million) with a return of over 10%. I can’t promise that the concept will be successful, but I support the preliminary material.

High Street (HIGH-USD)

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High Street (HIGH USD) is based on a modern concept that encompasses the virtual reality gaming landscape. It is essentially a play-to-earn platform that allows creativity and the metaverse to merge. Even though Highstreet is still in its infancy, it is considered successful.

In addition, Highstreet has a retail concept embedded in its offering. This gives the company an additional vertical, which is telling as smart contracts in retail address a key area of ​​consumer concern. In addition, two important industries enable cross-traction and expand the high street outlet with opportunities for higher user volumes.

Highstreet is trading at around $4.41, but Binance predicts it will reach this value $5.92 by 2030. I consider Binance’s forecast to be modest, as the systematic support of crypto investors coupled with the novelty of HIGH can lead to excellent returns.

HIGH is a risky asset. Nevertheless, asymmetrical returns seem likely.

Polkadot (DOT-USD)

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Speckle (DOT USD) closes a gap in data traffic. The concept leverages modern features to enable previously incompatible blockchain data connectivity. Additionally, Polkadot emphasizes staking and governance, which is a focus in the crypto space.

Recent data suggests that Polkadot has seen an increase in active users recently. Polkadot’s active user base has been breached 650,000, more than doubling since April 2022. Unlike many others, Polkadot uses a modular network to highlight a relay chain, augmented by a parachain to attract smaller smart contract participants. While it has not yet achieved the traction of major platforms, Polkadot as a concept is certainly on the rise.

Polkadot is trading at around $6.63 per unit, and Binance predicts that it will reach this value $8.91 by 2030. Although Binance’s forecast is modest and the analyst is notable, CryptoPotatoArguing that Polkadot is approaching a technical resistance level, I think significant upside potential is ahead barring systemic pressures in the crypto market.

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