DailyPay connects to Visa+

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By David Brooks

DailyPay, a proud launch partner for Visa+, today announced that the innovative new service is available to the millions of DailyPay users across the country.

Launched in late 2023, Visa+’s mission is to create an interoperable future where paying across different services is as seamless as using a single service, benefiting both consumers and payment app providers.

Now, all DailyPay users nationwide have the option to deposit their earned wages directly into Visa+ linked accounts before a scheduled payday, where they can use other person-to-person digital payment apps. This allows the DailyPay user to pay bills, spend, invest or transfer to friends/family on their own schedule.

DailyPay currently works with America’s leading employers who provide financial wellness benefits to their employees. In 2023, DailyPay turned over $19 billion on its work-tech platform, clearly demonstrating that access to earned wages has become an essential benefit for the American worker.

“The future of payments is here,” said Dekel Beeri, product strategy at DailyPay. “We are thrilled to be part of the launch of Visa+, which will enable DailyPay’s millions of users to quickly and securely transfer money between DailyPay and other world-leading personal digital payment apps as part of this game.” – Change to the new platform.”

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