LendAPI joins the NayaOne Tech Marketplace

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By David Brooks

LendAPI has joined the NayaOne Tech Marketplace.

It is an end-to-end, no-code digital onboarding platform that helps banks create a complete digital onboarding experience in minutes.

“We believe in partnering and solving problems with a team of experts from all walks of life. NayaOne provides this ecosystem where the best software, platform and experts come together to solve some of the difficult problems we face in banking and finance today. We are excited to be part of the NayaOne Tech Marketplace.” Timothy Li CEO, LendAPI

“We are pleased to welcome LendAPI to the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. Banking is becoming more digital every day. Therefore, it is critical for banks, especially smaller institutions such as credit unions, community banks, and local and regional banks, to create robust digital onboarding experiences.” Varun Resh Marketplace Manager, NayaOne

Many banks, especially smaller ones, lack the technological infrastructure or expertise to compete effectively with larger institutions and neobanks in the digital space.

LendAPI addresses this challenge by offering an end-to-end, no-code digital onboarding platform that enables banks to quickly and efficiently create rich digital onboarding experiences. Its Product Studio and Rules Studio combine do-it-yourself product development capabilities and underwriting rules creation in one suite of tools.

LendAPI’s solutions level the playing field and help smaller banks improve their online presence and meet the evolving needs of consumers, especially younger generations who prefer mobile banking solutions.

With LendAPI, banks and financial institutions can enjoy:

Improved digital onboarding experience.
Increased operational efficiency.
Streamlined account opening processes.
Competitive advantage in the digital banking landscape.
Access to a broader customer base.
Accelerated growth in customer acquisition.
Improved transaction processing capabilities.
Increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Facilitating millions of transactions for a US-based publicly traded neobank

This neobank operates in a highly competitive market and processes millions of transactions through LendAPI’s platform. It leverages LendAPI’s suite of digital banking solutions to improve customer experience and increase operational efficiency.
Using LendAPI’s technology, this neobank was able to streamline its digital onboarding process and provide its customers with a seamless and user-friendly experience from account opening to transaction processing. This made it possible to significantly increase the customer base and transaction volume.

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