Satago is collaborating with mmob on an embedded finance offering

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By David Brooks

Today, Satago, a leading fintech company providing working capital solutions, and mmob, the universal API adapter, announced the launch of a new partnership. This collaboration enables lenders and businesses to embed Satago’s flexible invoice financing and cash flow solutions while leveraging mmob’s highly efficient integration capabilities.

The aim of the partnership between mmob and Satago is to make digitalization easier for lenders and companies. Juniper Research predicts the embedded finance market will grow at an incredible 148% and reach $228 billion in revenue by 2028.

Through this partnership, lenders and businesses now have the opportunity to integrate Satago’s 3-in-1 working capital solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) into their digital platforms via a single snippet of code. This approach reduces the initial integration time required to embed Satago to just a few hours, minimizing the burden on development teams. Thanks to the cloud-based infrastructure, the integration provides automatic, regular updates, making this a solution that scales and optimizes with the business that uses it.

Once embedded, any invoice-issuing SME can easily access Satago’s flexible invoice financing, risk insights and credit control solutions across lenders and corporate digital channels.

Commenting on the news, Satago CEO Sinead McHale said: “We are excited to partner with mmob – combining our industry-leading invoice financing and cash flow management solutions with their seamless integration technology.” This partnership allows us to expand the reach of our platform and enable lenders and enterprises to embed Satago’s transformative working capital solutions into their platforms in just two hours of integration time.

“This ultimately benefits end users the most, as we can easily place the increased visibility, control, flexibility and intelligence that Satago provides into the hands of more global partners – and their thousands of small business customers.”

Irfan Khan, Founder and CEO of mmob, also commented: “mmob and Satago share the value of providing the right financial products, at the right time, in the right place, to the people who need them most.” SMEs have long been neglected and are a great one Example of the end users who will benefit from embedded finance.

“Satago’s invoice financing and cash flow management solution is an important tool and we are excited to help them quickly integrate with SMB platforms. Mmob’s Universal API Adapter removes the time and cost hurdles for companies looking to add a new solution to their customers, making collaboration with Satago now easier than ever.

“I am excited about the potential of this partnership as both our companies grow and these tools support as many companies as possible.”

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